Ashbury Primary School

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Year 6 Bring Your Parent To School November 2016

On the   22nd of November the year 6s had the chance to bring their parent to school. Miss Northeast explained to parents and the year 6s the standard that is to be expected for when the year 6s do their SATS. In the power point we were talking about the AFs. Miss Northeast also showed us the KPIs that the year 6s should be able to do when they take their SATS.

After the power point we took our parents for a tour around the school we could also see what was going on in the lessons if the parents wanted to. This school is AMAZING if you wanted to know.

After we took our parents for a tour around the school, we went back to the class room again to show our parents some of our books. I chose maths, literacy and my green book as we were allowed to pick any books that we were proud of. My mum thought that all of the children are so lucky to have amazing teachers to help when we need help. This is the best school ever!

Megan, Year 6



The school's religious character is an integral part of everyday life at Ashbury. Pupils' behaviour is excellent.

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