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Ashbury Primary School

School Uniform

We expect all children to wear the school uniform to promote standards of neatness within the school, pride in appearance, pride in belonging to the school, economy and the appropriateness of clothing for work and safety.

All garments should be named. The school colours are red and grey.

Uniform Options

Children can choose to wear a grey pinafore dress, skirt , trousers or shorts.  These items may be accompanied with grey tights, white, grey or black socks. 

A red polo shirt and school red sweatshirt or cardigan should be worn.

In summer, a red summer dresses, white ankle or knee length socks can be worn.


For reasons of safety and promotion of foot health, children must wear clean, sensible, low wide heeled black shoes (not boots or trainers).


Earrings (with the exception of small studs), bangles, necklaces and rings are not permitted as they may be mislaid or cause serious accidents.

PE Games:

Children must have black shorts and a red top that is long enough to be tucked in.

Children work barefoot indoors. Outdoors, children require a pair of trainers for team sports. Children must have black shorts, a red top, and a black tracksuit or black jogging pants.

All PE clothing should be named and kept in a named drawstring (or similar) bag.

Children with shoulder-length hair (or longer) must tie their hair up.

Earrings must be taken out or covered with tape. 

No football kits.


All children must have a bathing cap.

Towels and costumes should be named and placed in a bag. Children can only wear goggles following diagnosis of a medical condition by medical practitioner. Written confirmation by the parent/guardian of the diagnosis by a medical practitioner together with a written request to allow the wearing of goggles is required.

It is essential that children who wear earrings either remove them or cover them for any sporting activity at school and that long hair is tied back.

School uniform is available from PMG Schoolwear on the following website