Ashbury Primary School

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Ridgeway Oxenwood Trip March 2018

In Term 4 pupils in Ridgeway all went to Oxenwood Outdoor Education Centre as part of their Stone Age topic. During this day, pupils were led to a woodland where they discovered a Stone Age shelter made from branches, leaves and animal skins. They looked around the woodland to find the owner and watched in amazement as a Stone Age man appeared from the distance carrying a stick with a freshly caught fish hanging from it. He approached cautiously, making sure his path was safe from predators, he looked particularly unsure about the children! Once he arrived at his shelter, the children observed him preparing his fish - using flint to cut and gut it and leaves to clean it up. He then made a fire using flint and steel and cooked his fish. After this, the children split in the groups and all had a go at making their own Stone Age shelters out of branches and leaves. When everyone had finished, the Stone Age man had a good look - nodding appreciatively at the children's hard work. In the afternoon the children were taken to see a Stone Age Round house and could answer all the guides questions about how and why they built them! Before heading back, the pupils were given Stone Age artifacts to handle. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed their day, we hope you enjoy the photos in the gallery below.




The school's religious character is an integral part of everyday life at Ashbury. Pupils' behaviour is excellent.

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