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Physical Education


Physical Education Intent

At Ashbury CE Primary School, we are committed to ensuring all children are healthy, happy and active learners, who are able to make healthy choices and understand the importance of leading a physically active lifestyle in our ever-changing world.

We aspire for our children to develop a lifelong desire to participate in physical activity and sport, no matter their ability. Children will challenge themselves to build on prior knowledge and skills in order to fulfil their absolute potential. We actively encourage all children to participate in personal challenges and competition, with a focus on the development of skills, perseverance, and sportsmanship.

Our children will embrace our core values of compassion, perseverance and responsibility, through all the physical activity and sporting opportunities that we offer at Ashbury CE Primary School.

Physical Education Implementation

To achieve our aims, lessons are planned to ensure children are challenged and motivated, enhancing their love for learning.  Our lessons are cross curricular and links across subjects are made when this is possible.  Children are provided with the best resources possible; enabling staff to make lessons practical, engaging and active.  We provide constant support for our children and through this engagement all children are able to achieve and reach for their goals with confidence. 

Teachers model and instruct on the key skills and share key knowledge for each lesson, then allowing children time to practise, investigate and develop independently, while offering support where needed.

PE Policy  PE Programme of Study 

PE Progression 

Berrycroft Knowledge Organisers Wayland Knowledge Organisers 

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 National Curriculum - Please click here to view the Department for Education individual programme of study requirements for PE.

Physical Education Impact





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