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Little Berries Preschool

In April 2019 we opened our Little Berries Preschool. We have worked hard to create an exciting, stimulating and creative environment to enable children to develop and learn through explorative play. 



Little Berries Preschool is part of our Berrycroft Class, which is made up of Foundation Stage children in two age ranges: Preschool (ages 3-4) and Reception (ages 4-5). This gives the Preschool children a flavour of school life in an engaging and stimulating setting. These children are taught by an experienced teacher and supported by a qualified Early Years Leader.

Through research it has been proven that when children have attended a Preschool, in a school setting, transition can be smooth into full time education. The benefits of attending a Preschool are:

  • Happy confident children who are already familiar with their school surroundings.
  • They have made good relationships with school staff, not only in Preschool, but throughout all Key Stages.
  • Children have begun to develop an understanding of our school values.
  • Expectations in school are already embedded and children will have a clear understanding about what is expected from them.

Ashbury school grounds are full of opportunities.  We have a large playground and patio area – suitable for games as well as quiet areas to read or be calm.  EYFS has a lovely area outside of their classroom to explore and learn through play.  This area is constantly being updated and changed to stimulate and engage all learners.  Currently you will find a lovely play house, a blackboard writing shed, construction, investigation station, maths area, sand and water play as well as access to a lovely story telling area and music station.

Our school grounds have a fabulous trim trail for all ages to climb and explore.  This is situated opposite our developing Forest Schools area.  Children experience outdoor learning throughout the week with one session specifically in the Forest School area.

For more information please see our Preschool Information booklet:

preschool information booklet 2023 24.pdf



Little Berries’ Uniform

It is important for children to feel part of Ashbury Primary School and therefore we would like Little Berries’ children to wear a red polo shirt and an Ashbury Primary School jumper.  Children may choose their own trousers to wear to keep them comfortable throughout their time in school.

Uniform can be purchased from: https://pmgschoolwear.co.uk/