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The Big Ashbury School Walking Fundraiser

Thank you very much to everyone who took part in the Ashbury School Walking Fundraiser, collectively we walked a very impressive 1130 miles!  That is enough to get to Euro Disney Paris, back to Ashbury and back to Euro Disney again!  Or the same distance as Ashbury to Gibraltar!

Thank you also for all of your great fundraising effort, we raised £743.30 on Just Giving twice our target which is absolutely amazing!  This money goes toward enhancing our children's education whether it's for new books or exciting visitors to the school to give them a varied learning experience.

An extra well done to the following children and teacher for walking the furthest in their class:

Berrycroft: Glen

Wayland: Alex

Ridgeway: Joshua

Ashdown: Freddie

Staff: Miss Maudrell

The team points have been awarded as follows:

Fire - 1901.5

Air - 943.5

Earth - 513

Water - 2628

Once again, thank you to everyone, you have exceeded all our expectations and have blown us away with your efforts!

Sharka, Friends of Ashbury School