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Jonathan's Jungle Roadshow

Firstly Jonathan talked to everyone about the safety and why he had come to see us. The first animal we saw was the baby scorpion which were so small and so cute. It still looked very dangerous though! We were able to see them close up. The next animal we saw was the mother scorpion, the amazing thing about the scorpion was when it has a purple light shone on it, it turns blue. I especially liked this  because blue is my favourite colour. After the scorpions were the stick insects. I was so happy because I was chosen to be the first person to have the stick insect on my arm. Next we were shown the geckos which were really cute. We saw the gecko lick its own eyes! Lastly we saw the snake, it was so long and it licked me on the nose! It felt like rubber but also slimy at the same time. I enjoyed seeing the animals so much, it was the best time ever!

Jacob, Year 5


On Friday 5th January, Jonathan's Jungle Roadshow came to our school. He brought a variety of animals from spiders to geckos. First Jonathan showed us the scorpions, there was a cute baby scorpion and its mother. He shone a blueish-purple light on them and they lit up in a green slime-like colour. Then Jonathon showed us a spider called Spinerella, it was a pink toe tarantula. It climbed up the table leg and up a wire. Next we saw stick insects, their names were Cactus and Cactus because they looked like cactuses. Then it was gecko time! We had to be super quiet and he was so cute! His skin was really soft, then he licked his eyeball. But last but not least it was the snake and it went in my hair and licked my nose!

Jack, Year 6


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