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Computing Intent

At Ashbury CE Primary School we aim to prepare children for an ever changing technological world through an engaging, fun and evolving computing curriculum.

Rooted in our school values, our children will be –

- Excited by the wonders of technology, confident with their digital literacy and use these to enrich their lives. (Responsibility)

- Determined, creative computational thinkers and problem solvers. (Perseverance)

- Responsible, safe and kind communicators online with various types of technology (Compassion)

We want children to not only know how using different technologies can improve our lives but also how essential computing skills are for world of work and communication with one another. We teach computing using Purple Mash which provides a progressive scheme ensuring that knowledge and skills are built upon things previously learnt.

Computing Implementation

To achieve our aims, lessons are planned to ensure children are challenged and motivated, enhancing their love for learning. Our lessons are cross curricular and computing skills are used in all other areas of the curriculum.

  • In English children use chromebooks/ipads independently for research, writing, reading on bug club, phonics games and letter formation.
  • In maths children use the whiterose maths app, TTRockstars and purple mash to practice their arithmetic skills.
  • EYFS start using digital resources from an early age and access a huge range of cross curricular games on Busy Things.

Children are provided with the best resources possible; enabling staff to make lessons practical, engaging and active. We are continually trying new ways to engage, excite and educate children about the digital world (e.g. VR headsets, BeInternetLegends, Project Evolve etc.).

We provide constant support for our children and through this engagement all children are able to achieve and reach for their goals with confidence. Teachers model and instruct on the key skills and share key knowledge for each lesson, then allowing children time to practice, investigate and develop independently, while offering support where needed.

Computing Policy  Computing Programme of Study 

Computing Progression 

Berrycroft Knowledge Organisers Wayland Knowledge Organisers 

Ridgeway Knowledge Organisers Ashdown Knowledge Organisers 

National Curriculum - Please click here for more information about the computing programme of study from the Department of Education.

Computing Impact



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