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Welcome to Ridgeway Class

“Teachers’ assessments of pupils’ learning in lessons is astute. They carefully adjust tasks and reshape learning opportunities to ensure that pupils make consistently good progress.”

OFSTED February 2016

Ridgeway is a mixed class of 27 children in Year 3 and Year 4. 

The class is taught by Mrs Hill. Our classroom is spacious, light and bright with lots of room on the walls for interactive whiteboards, “working walls”  and displays of our art. 


Term 1 - Romans

This term we will be looking at the impact of the Romans on Britain.

Term 2 - British Settlements Anglo Saxons and Scots

Term 3 - Ancient Greece

Term 4 - Transport - natural resources, energy, minerals food and water

Term 5 - Natural Disasters - including volcanoes and earthquakes

Term 6 - Rivers and the water cycle



 Creative Curriculum

  •  Areas of the curriculum are linked where possible to help children give meaning to their learning.
  • Learning is practical and active so that the children receive 'hands on' experience to develop their knowledge and understanding of new concepts.
  • Creative curriculum gets beyond rote learning and focuses on big ideas, interesting projects and individual children's passions and needs.

                                                  Ridgeway Class

Maths Scheme 

These are the key features of a mastery approach using the White Rose Scheme:

Class working together on the same topic

Challenge provided by going deeper not accelerating

For those children that have mastered the skill, concept or procedure they will be presented with higher order thinking activities.

More time on teaching topics - depth and practice

The same topic is likely to have the same focus until the class has mastered the concept, skill or procedure being taught. This is particularly the case for number and calculations. Although the focus areas are being taught over a longer time, there are smaller steps of progress and the extra time is for practice and depth, making the learning effective.

The 'four stages' of learning in a lesson are:

Do it

Use it

Own it 

Explore it

Maths Tables Test Year 4 2019

The multiplication tables check is designed to help ensure children in primary school know their times tables up to 12 by heart. As well as being critical for everyday life, knowledge of multiplication tables helps children to solve problems quickly and flexibly, and allows them to tackle more complex mathematics later on in school.

In the primary assessment consultation run by the government last year, the majority of the sector said that Year 4 would be the best point to run a check on progress being made. 

The new on-screen check will last no longer than 5 minutes and is similar to the checks many schools use already. It will enable teachers to monitor a child's progress in a consistent and reliable way but has been carefully designed to avoid causing additional stress for children and teachers.

Home Reading Record

In the front of the home reading record book you will find a sheet of questions to ask your child whilst, or after, you have read with them.

Only choose 1 or 2 questions.

Record the question by writing the question number in the box. If you have time then you can leave a comment.



The school's religious character is an integral part of everyday life at Ashbury. Pupils' behaviour is excellent.

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