Ashbury Primary School

"We Care"

Choir Village Event

On Sunday 18th October 2015, Ashbury School Choir went to perform at the Village Hall, to help raise money for Ashbury Pre-School. The choir felt very excited and pleased to sing in front of their parents and friends. Everybody wanted to make their audience happy and joyful with the song “Zip-idee-doo-dah!” They sang strong and confidently, smiling and enjoying every single moment. The choir were ever so pleased with themselves when they walked back to their seats; they all felt they had done a brilliant job.


The choir also watched an opera singer, who sang her heart out. They also watched some very exciting acting. Everybody in the choir had the best time of their lives. The choir knew they would never forget the time they did their very best.               -Cassie, Year 6

Choir October 2015


The school's religious character is an integral part of everyday life at Ashbury. Pupils' behaviour is excellent.

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