Ashbury Primary School

"We Care"

Ashdown Sevington Victorian School March 2018

In Term 4 pupils in Ashdown had the exciting opportunity to experience the day in the life of a Victorian child. They visited a school in Sevington which had been preserved from the era, with authentic artifacts and furniture. Pupils were able to take part in lessons in the classroom learning the "Three R's, Reading, Writing and Arithmetic". They were taken to the parlor to learn skills such as making bee's wax candles and lavender scent bags which they thoroughly enjoyed. Groups were taken into the Victorian kitchen and washroom to see some of the more laborious jobs pupils were taught in school. They all ate an authentic Victorian lunch including hunks of bread with cheese, simple pasties and apples. They experienced break-time in the Victorian fashion, with boys and girls playing separately with Victorian toys and games. After this they regrouped in the classroom where they were shown the range of corrective measures used in Victorian schools to ensure good behavior, including the cane! We hope you enjoy the photos in the gallery from this exciting day.



The school's religious character is an integral part of everyday life at Ashbury. Pupils' behaviour is excellent.

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