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Curriculum Intent

Ashbury C of E Primary School is rooted in compassion, perseverance and responsibility. Our exciting, creative and experience-based curriculum enables children to develop critical thinking and the necessary skills to be independent learners.

Topics are based on prior knowledge, skills and learning which enable children to experience a challenging learning journey.

Children leave Ashbury having the confidence and skills to make decisions, reflect, make connections and become life-long learners in preparation for our ever changing world.


Curriculum Implementation

Berrycroft Class

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Wayland Class

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 Ridgeway Class

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year b ridgeway overview.pdf

 Ashdown Class

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Progress will be shown through children knowing more & remembering more. Learning is a change in the long term memory.

Children are continually being assessed throughout the year to ensure they are on track to reach the Age Expected Standard or better by the end of the academic year.  These assessments range from quizzes, recalling knowledge as a starter, low stake testing to more formal methods such as Government initiated tests.

We regularly monitor children’s needs to ensure the necessary support for pupils is put in place; whether that’s through quality first teaching or various interventions to support and challenge all learners.

Our Curriculum in action

Berrycroft Class

Wayland Class

Ridgeway Class

Ashdown Class

Subject Information

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More Information

The Department of Education publish the National Curriculum as a complete framework and individual programmes of study. The current publications can be viewed at https://www.gov.uk/government/collections/national-curriculum 

Parent Workshops 

Any subject specific workshops can be found in the subject information tabs above.

sats ks1 parent powerpoint 2023.pdf

 Example KS1 SATs papers can be found here: https://www.sats-papers.co.uk/ks1-sats-papers/

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