Ashbury Primary School

"We Care"

An Easter Adventure

Our pupils said....

“…I loved the last supper because I learnt the exact words Jesus said…” Declan Year 6

“…enjoyable experience we had to learn the Easter story through readings…” Poppy Year 6

“…we had the chance to learn what the bread and wine stood for (body and blood)…” Cassie Year 6

“…It was really fun when we waved the palm leaves, ate the bread and drank the juice. I found it very interactive and interesting…” Jennifer Year 6

“…How did you make the tomb so good? It was amazing!...” Finnlay Year 6

“…I enjoyed walking around the different scenes and it was really creative how it was set up…” Lily Year 5

“…My two favourite parts were the garden of Gethsemane and the last supper…” Jasmine Year 5

“…I really liked the setting and how you turned an ordinary church into the Easter story, it felt really lively…” Libby Year 5

We were delighted to receive an email from the organiser stating…. “Your children behaved impeccably and were a pleasure to teach this afternoon, I hope you all enjoyed the experience.”


The school's religious character is an integral part of everyday life at Ashbury. Pupils' behaviour is excellent.

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